A new standard of living,
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A better way to live

Some people move into LIV because of the extra services, some for the longer leases - or because they like the cinema and co-working spaces. Many residents move here because they're sick of hiding their pets from their landlord or losing their bond without explanation. Check out our video and find your reason to make LIV home.


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What makes LIV different

We’re for renters only

Thriving communities are built when residents join on the same level, with an equal voice on the matters that are important. Meet your neighbours at social events and have your say on the decisions that make life better.

More time for what’s important

We want you to have more time to do the things you want, from resident services that take the load off, to more moments with friends and family — making the most of the amenities on your doorstep.

Impact made easy

We know it’s not always easy to live a life that’s good for you and the environment. We make it simple, with sustainability built into your everyday living.

Meet our residents

Meet Jean

Jean – Social Media Entrepreneur

At LIV they see me in my day-to-day, from my most vulnerable, to my best. Whichever state, they accept and love me for who I am. I never feel I have to be fake here.

Meet Michael

Michael – Corporate Events Organiser

There's a huge community here and it's not forced upon you. They organise so many different activities, that’s the beauty of it. There's never any pressure. If you’re by yourself, it feels easy to join in, and everything is on offer at all times.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca – CTO & DJ

I've made a lot of friends here, and at least once a week I'll catch up with them. Then there are events that run every month. I haven’t been able to attend all of them. But when you do go, it's everyone coming together like a family.

Meet Gemma

Gemma – Healthcare Digital Advertising

I've been over to other apartments where people don't even know you. You stand in a lift and no one even talks, versus here, everyone says ‘How are you going and have a great day’.

Meet Macey

Macey - Student

I've been away from my family for 8 years, on and off. Loneliness is something that I'm used to. But there is a different feeling at LIV. There’s a comfort to the whole building. I know that if I walk in upset, everyone is going to take care of me.

Meet Josh

Josh - Customer Service Team Manager

I never feel that I need to go up to my apartment to feel at home. There are people here that I know and feel comfortable with. There are times where I’m on my way to the lift and I've ended up staying down there for 30 minutes talking to someone.

Meet Melissa

Melissa – Mother

I’ve wanted to start a fruit and vegetable co-op to assist some of the other residents, especially with the price of living going up. So I placed a call out and people responded. The community is so tight knit that you get to know a lot of people.

Meet Mitchell

Mitchell – Council GM (Interstate Worker)

The old sports saying that ‘Winning starts at the front office’ applies to LIV. The community vibe starts when you meet the team downstairs, they set the tone. Because you can sell the dream, and have good marketing, but you’ve got to live it. And that’s exactly how it is at LIV.

Meet Tom&RJ

Tom & RJ – Fashion Industry

We've made friends with neighbours and now we’ve become friends with their friends. At our last place we met our neighbour once, during an evacuation. When we came here, I think it was within the first two weeks we started meeting a lot of people.

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