What is LIV?

Projects that are constructed to be fully leased to tenants are called build-to-rent. It means that a building is designed with shared facilities and durability in mind. For LIV this includes BBQ areas, co-working spaces, commercial kitchens and even dog-washing stations.

LIV is an apartment community built for renters only. By serving renters only, we offer the best of both worlds; the flexibility of renting and the security of ownership. It’s your home for as long as you want. You can bring your pets too.

This is a concept that puts residents first, not landlords or body corporates. Build-to-rent includes more services and active management, including responsive maintenance and repairs, an on-site team and using technology to better serve residents and create a community.

We think the flexibility of renting is its strength, but we don’t believe renting should feel insecure. That’s why LIV offers leases that are both long-term and flexible, at market rates.

What’s LIV about?

Access to housing in Australia has changed. The way we think of a home needs to change too.

We don’t believe in improving the old renting system. We believe in creating a new system altogether.

It’s security in your home, not necessarily ownership, that improves your quality of life. It deepens your connection with your community and society too. LIV is an alternative that offers this security, without asking you to give up the flexibility of renting.

We exist to serve our tenants and community. We don’t answer to agents or owners. Our model depends on keeping tenants and keeping them happy.

This is living built around you.

  • It depends on what you’re looking for. You can find all the details about location, availability and pricing on our Search Apartment Dashboard. Or chat with us on 1800 317 021 if you have any other questions.

    See Search Apartment Dashboard here

    In every apartment, you’ll find a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer included.

    Some of our apartments are offered with a furniture package included. You can view availability and details on our Search Apartment Dashboard or talk to the  team on 1800 317 021.

    See here for Search Apartment Dashboard

    Costs for water and gas (if applicable) are included in your rent.

    You are responsible for electricity, hot water and Wi-FiIf you wish to use our preferred network partner, they can be setup for the day you move-in. Alternatively, you can use a provider of your choice.

    Yes, subject to size and breed restrictions, we accept up to two pets per apartment. But we do allow more than 2 goldfish!

    We have a range of apartments available with a car park included in the price. Check out the availability on our dashboard.

    All apartments have storage of varying sizes within their internal space. However, if you are looking to lease additional storage for large items from snowboards to Christmas trees, we do have additional storage spaces you can lease, subject to availability. Please let the team know if this is something you are interested in.

    Yes, you are welcome to choose your own service provider and make arrangements with them. Alternatively we also have a provider available to LIV residents.

    Yes, and yes, we want you to feel right at home and encourage you to personalise your space. Just let us know what you’re thinking, and we will let you know how.  When you move out, it’s your responsibility to ensure the apartment is returned in the same condition as when you moved in.

  • Definitely, our payment gateway accepts all major credit cards and direct debit.

    No. You can set up a direct debit to make it easier but not advanced payment. 

    This varies depending on where you call home but typically it is either fortnightly or monthly payments. We have an online payment portal to help you manage direct debit set-up and to view your balance.

    We understand plans change and we have provision for that, just speak to the LIV team and we can discuss options.

    Why not! If we have the space you can switch apartments, and our team will help you with the transfer and any change in fees.

  • Your rent covers use of all amenities and you don’t incur additional charges. That means you can use the facilities and join in with the free community events at no extra charge. However, there may be some events with a cost involved but that will be clearly noted before you sign up or join in.

    Yes! Residents are free to use the amenities and invite up to 4 visitors to join them at the same time to enjoy the spaces. You will be able to easily book spaces using the resident LIV app.  Visitors must be accompanied by a resident at all times and visiting children under 18 must be actively supervised at all times.  

    No, we don’t offer cleaningBut we can recommendation cleaners and are happy to point you in the right direction.

    We have parcel lockers available making deliveries less complicated and options for oversized parcels. 

    We use a Bluetooth system which can be installed on your phone or we can provide a swipe card. This gives you access to the building, your apartment and amenities. 

    Each LIV building is unique so each one is slightly different.  However we have plenty of spaces to socialise, work, relax and entertain for residents to enjoy for free. Some of the common amenities that can be found in our buildings include:

    Play: Rooftop terrace, formal and relaxed entertaining spaces, cinema and games rooms. We also have a calendar of events available to residents. 

    Work: Co-working, meeting rooms and informal meeting spaces.

    Health and wellness: Gym, pool, spa and flexible studio space.

    The functional stuff: Bike repair and storage, pet park and wash, car wash bay and mail and parcel rooms.

    We have a smartphone app designed for LIV residents. Through the app you can book amenity spaces, log a maintenance issue, engage with the LIV team, reference guides for your apartment and appliances or RSVP to community events.

    We make life easier with concierge services like welcoming you home and accepting your parcel deliveries. However it’s our Resident Service Ambassadors who make the difference. They’re always ready to make your life easier whether it’s a coffee recommendation, a maintenance issue or just a chat. 

    Definitely, just reserve the space and show off our community. You need to accompany your guests throughout the building, as well as supervise children under 18. 

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