What is LIV?

Projects that are constructed to be fully leased to tenants are called build-to-rent. It means that a building is designed with shared facilities and durability in mind. For LIV this includes BBQ areas, co-working spaces, commercial kitchens and even dog-washing stations.

LIV is an apartment community built for renters only. By serving renters only, we offer the best of both worlds; the flexibility of renting and the security of ownership. It’s your home for as long as you want. You can bring your pets too.

This is a concept that puts residents first, not landlords or body corporates. Build-to-rent includes more services and active management, including responsive maintenance and repairs, an on-site team and using technology to better serve residents and create a community.

We think the flexibility of renting is its strength, but we don’t believe renting should feel insecure. That’s why LIV offers leases that are both long-term and flexible, at market rates.

What’s LIV about?

Access to housing in Australia has changed. The way we think of a home needs to change too.

We don’t believe in improving the old renting system. We believe in creating a new system altogether.

It’s security in your home, not necessarily ownership, that improves your quality of life. It deepens your connection with your community and society too. LIV is an alternative that offers this security, without asking you to give up the flexibility of renting.

We exist to serve our tenants and community. We don’t answer to agents or owners. Our model depends on keeping tenants and keeping them happy.

This is living built around you.

There's a better way to live

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